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Stories About Earth's History
Have You Found Rest in Jesus?
Heaven is Here

Stories About Earth's History: A Geologist's Dissent from Deep Time

Current scientific consensus claims that our earth is 4.543 billions of years old. Using readily available data and reasonably simple math, the author provides 9 independent, robust arguments drawn from different areas of geology that challenge that current scientific consensus. In the spirit of scientific inquiry, he invites you as the reader to consider for yourself what conclusion the geological data supports and whether the current scientific consensus ignores inconvenient data to reach its present conclusions.

Have You Found Rest in Jesus?

It is impossible to love Jesus and not love what He loves. He rejoices in beauty, in companionship, in accomplishment among so many other examples. Jesus has organized His time to share His joys with you and to have the best possible relationship with you. Will you organize your time to have the best possible relationship with Him? This little book will help you appreciate why and how you should give your time to God. It is both easy and enjoyable to read and yet examines nearly every biblical text on the topic.

Heaven is Here

We are likely to want heaven but have just about given up on it. How can we have heaven now in a world of evil? How does heaven handle evil when the two collide? This popularly written book examines how to experience and spread heaven in our world that seems so much like hell. The author explores how to change details within our control as a prelude to better circumstances and outcomes that now seem beyond our control. Digging deeper into the human experience and human nature than merely another self help book, Heaven is Here presents a path toward radiating heaven wherever you go.

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Other Publications

Health Pamphlets
  • Why I Am A Vegetarian
  • This tract is an essay urging vegetarianism. Has an interesting historical chart on effect of meat-eating on longevity. Quadrifold
  • Just Juice It!
  • Simple introduction to juicing. Gives practical ideas for using juices for a number of common illnesses. Quadrifold
  • Just One Puff
  • This covers the danger of smoking and an excellent presentation of practical tips to help in overcoming the tobacco habit. Quintifold
  • Sweet White and Deadly
  • Covers the danger of excessive use of sugar. Trifold
Health Books Spiritual Pamphlets

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Health Pamphlets
  • Caught in the Quicksand
  • Straightforward tract on alcoholism. Covers something of the health consequences of drinking. Also discusses who is responsible for preventing drinking. Urges surrender to God as the only real solution.
  • Danger Brewing in the Cup
  • Plainly covers the danger of coffee drinking. Only discusses the danger of caffeine, but covers the risks of caffeine well. Has an excellent list of recommendations for overcoming the caffeine habit. Quintifold
  • Eat for Strength
  • Tract on the advantage of a vegetarian diet. Presents vegetarianism as a way to be stronger and healthier. Quintifold.
  • Fundamental Health Truths
  • Innovative approach by Dr. Paulson to presenting the idea of reform. He notes that many famous Christian leaders believed in health reform. Urges all to be conscientious and progressive in health matters. Quintifold
  • H2O
  • General tract on water and its usefulness to humans. Discusses importance of drinking water and various uses of water for treating disease. Quadrifold
  • Herbal Healing
  • Short introduction to using herbs as remedies. Lists a few specific ones as examples and includes sketches of the plants mentioned. Quadrifold
  • Medical Properties of Clay, The
  • Explains how to use clay as a natural remedy. Gives several specific uses of clay. Quadrifold
  • Use of Charcoal as a Remedy, The
  • Explains several specific ways to use charcoal as a remedy. Quadrifold
  • Wake Up to Wellness
  • Uses research showing seven simple health habits that can increase life expectancy by eleven years to present Biblical health ideas as important for today. Quintifold
Health Books
  • Healthful Living by E. G. White
  • Very few realize that to transgress the law of nature is to transgress the law of God. The violation of this natural law brings disease, suffering, and premature death. E. G. White wrote about this and many other important health details in several different books. Healthful Living is a reprint of the 1898 E. G. White health compilation first published at Battle Creek. 336 pages; E. G. White
  • Loma Linda Messages by E. G. White
  • Ellen G. White wrote numerous pages of God given instruction for the establishment of the Loma Linda Sanitarium, much of which is contained in this book. This 1935 compilation is here reprinted in the hope of arousing God’s people to follow His blueprint in the medical work. 248 pages; E. G. White.
  • Abundant Health by Julias Gilbert White Currently out of stock.
  • This book is a classic guide to health dealing with pH, vitamins, scientific reasons for vegetarianism, natural healing, and many other topics. This book is filled with useful information and well-researched but still easy to read and understand. 477 pages; Julius Gilbert White.
Health Booklets
  • The True Principles of Health Reform by E. G. White
  • Early E. G. White compilation on health reform in question and answer format. Addresses importance of health reform and other important points. 38 pages; E. G. White
  • Fundamental Principles of Health Reform by E. G. White
  • This wonderful compilation of Ellen G. White inspired writings discusses many Fundamental Principles of Health Reform such as: Cheerfulness, Charity, Pure Air, Sunlight, Abstemiousness, Rest, Exercise, Proper Diet, Use of Water, Trust in Divine Power, and many more! 89 pages; E. G. White
  • Solemn Appeal, A by E. G. White
  • This little booklet deals with many problems encountered in the world today such as problems in marriage relations, solitary vice, motherhood, etc. 88 pages; E. G. White.
  • Recreation by E. G. White
  • This E. G. White compilation will help you conduct your recreation in such a manner that you will be better fitted for the more demanding duties devolving upon you, and your influence will be more beneficial with those with whom you associate. You will return from such activities improved in mind and refreshed in body, prepared to engage in your work anew with better hope and better courage. 58 pages; E. G. White.
Spiritual Pamphlets
  • After Death What?
  • Simple tract that gives a well-presented Bible explanation of the nonimmortality of the soul. Answers some common objections. Quadrifold.
  • Every Eye Shall See Him
  • Simple, thoughtful tract that describes the time leading up to the Second Coming and gives an overview of it. Quadrifold.
  • Millenium, The
  • Bible study on the topic of the title, the millennium. Covers events at both ends of the millennium, and addresses whether the whole world will be converted. Quadrifold
  • Story of a Lost Day, The
  • Presents the Sabbath as the original global holiday. Gives twenty reasons for Sabbath keeping. Quintifold
  • Where to Look in the Bible
  • Quite small tract which lists some Bible verses appropriate for different moments in life, such as when you want assurance, courage, faith or when you are sorrowful, restless, or tempted. Trifold.
Spiritual Books
  • The Christian's Experience by Julias Gilbert White
  • This old favorite explains the seven essentials of holy living: prayer, faith, the study of the Word, the gospel of health, Christian education, sacrifice, and Christian service. This book will be a great aid in any Christian’s experience. 300 pages; Julius Gilbert White
  • Choice Readings for Children
  • A delightful book full of short stories chosen by Ellen White for her children and grandchildren. Ernest Lloyd selected these stories from E. G. White’s scrapbook and updated the English. Illustrated. 144 pages; Ernest Lloyd, ed.
Spiritual Booklets
  • The Alpha and the Omega of Apostasy by Julias Gilbert White
  • Exclusively published by NPA, this book from the early 1920’s suggests that the separation of every day life, especially health, from religion was the omega of Seventh Day Adventist apostasy. The book contains material about the 1922 General Conference Session of interest to anyone who pays attention to Adventist history. But the main idea of the book is easily understood by the average reader and its point should be seriously considered by you as you prepare for heaven. 85 pages; Julius Gilbert White
Pamphlets in Spanish
  • 100 Verdades Sobre la Cuestion del Sabado
  • It lists 60 facts about the Seventh day of the week and 40 facts about the first day. Spanish.
  • Estan Vivos los Muertos
  • Herencia de Los Redimidos, La
  • Simple Bible study on the new earth as the inheritance of the righteous. Spanish, trifold.
  • Mas Linda Historia de Amor Escrita con Sangre
  • Simple story of the cross. Advertises our Spanish Bible Studies, La Verdad Presente. Spanish, trifold
  • Reprando La Brecha
  • Simple Bible presentation of the Sabbath. Advertises our Spanish Bible Studies, La Verdad Presente. Spanish, trifold
  • Segunda Venida de Cristo, La
  • Bible evidence of Second Coming. Advertises our Spanish Bible Studies, La Verdad Presente. Spanish, trifold.
  • Tobaco o Salud
  • Short warning of the danger of smoking that advertises our Spanish Bible Studies. Spanish, trifold.
  • Ventajas de Ser Vegetariano
  • Overview of vegetarianism that advertises our Spanish Bible Studies. Spanish, trifold.

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